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The hosts for the iLoveDentistry community website are Naren Arulrajah and Gary Takacs.

In fact, the Less Insurance Dependence podcast was set up by Gary and Naren to help dentists break free of the shackles placed on them due to insurance dependence, so that they can run a profitable and thriving dental practice. With their latest joint ventures, the iLoveDentistry community, they have taken another step to help build a group of like-minded dental professionals to connect with each other so that they can share their stories, learn from and assist each other.

Gary Takacs
Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs needs no introduction in the world of dentistry. Co-owner of Life Smiles Dental Care, and Founder of the Thriving Practice Academy, his influence spreads far and wide. Having set up a highly successful business practice, his knowledge of all aspects of business runs deep and has enabled him to reach out to a larger audience through popular shows and podcasts such as the Thriving Dentist podcast and Less Insurance Dependence podcast. In fact, he is known as the Godfather of Dental Podcasting.

Gary’s dynamism has placed him at the top with a host of speaking engagements at many symposiums and continuing education classes, while his insights are also made available on a one-on-one basis through seminars, video and audio programs. A man of many facets, he is also a published author, businessman, progressive rock fan, biker and family man.

The dilemma faced by dentists in today’s insurance-driven culture is tackled by Gary through the Less Insurance Dependence podcast series, where he guides dental professionals towards a healthier practice style that has quality care and concern for patients at the top of the list.

Naren Arulrajah
Naren Arulrajah

With a passion for serving others, Naren Arulrajah describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. As the founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, he has introduced his own unique touch to the world of digital marketing, bringing top talent from around the world to work together to achieve common objectives. Their dedication has resulted in the company currently counting over 200 international clients.

Over the past decade, Naren has helped doctors, dentists, lawyers, consultants, and coaches among other professionals find career success along with personal fulfillment. His special interest in dentistry has led him to develop many effective platforms to boost the careers of dental professionals; some of which are The Growing Dentist Podcast, Less Insurance Dependence Podcast, Grow My Reviews, Grow My Testimonials, Off Hour Patients, Doctor and MeTV, Done For Me Social, Done For Me NAP, Doctor’s Choice Awards, GrowCallROI and My Digital Signboards. He has taken these measures to give back to the medical and dental professionals, which he believes, were instrumental to his success.

Naren’s multiple roles include author, speaker, consultant, and inspirational innovator. His accomplishments were recognized by AceTech Ontario with their 2014 Leadership Initiative Award.