iLoveDentistry AMBASSADORS

What does it mean to be an iLoveDentistry Ambassador?

An iLoveDentistry Ambassador will be representing their country/ State in the iLoveDentistry community. This member will be eligible for many benefits and has the chance to gain popularity among a group of 6800+ dentistry professionals, which inturn can help them grow their practice or profession. 

How will the ambassadors be selected?

Members from all countries are eligible to be Ambassadors. The selection process will be via a voting system, where members of the iLoveDentistry community get to vote for their most desired contestant to represent their country/state. The member with the highest votes will be positioned as an iLove Dentistry Ambassador for a particular country. 

What are the Benefits/ Privileges? 

  1. They will be given the Title of iLD Ambassador.
  2. They will be promoted on the iLoveDentistry website.
  3. The best 3 ambassadors will be awarded every quarter.
  4. Will gain popularity among 6800+ dental professionals.

What are the responsibilities of an Ambassador?

  1. Invite members from their country/state to join the iLoveDentistry group.
  2. Share posts and ask questions from members.
  3. Engage with the iLD members by answering their questions and helping them.

What is the Reward for the Best Ambassador of the Quarter?

The best Ambassador of the quarter will be chosen based on their quarterly performance. He/she will be awarded and be given iLoveDentistry moderator access!

What do you require to be an Ambassador?

  1. Be any dental professional. 
  2. You should be an active member of the community.
  3. Additional points gained if you have contributed to the growth of the community in the past.

**(In Case you’ve not contributed to the growth of the community, here’s a tip to get an additional point: Invite your dental friends to the iLoveDentistry Community now! 😉 )