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The iLoveDentistry community, which started back in 2019 March, is now 7200 members strong. It is a community for all those who love dentistry to connect and learn from each other while enjoying dentistry and life.

With such caring members, you will never feel left out. There are 8 iLoveDentistry Ambassadors now representing different States and countries, helping the community grow & prosper. Their goal is to create a community with love and kindness and help each other succeed in their dentistry journey.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky, DMD

Dr. Max Zaslavsky has been practicing general dentistry in Florida for almost 20 years. He has won awards from both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Before dentistry, Dr. Max did event marketing working with companies such as P&G and Hearst.

Buying his practice in 2009, he has built his four op office into being booked out two months in advance with no patients. He thanks his role in event marketing for helping him create his brand.

He travels as much as possible with his beautiful wife, Lauren, on his off time. Bourbon trails to vineyards are his passion. He also loves to cook and work out (to work off what he eats).

“A solid forum where we can come together and joke about our crazy patients; or discuss dentistry as a clinician in addition to business.”

Dr. Rami Ahmed Al- Saedi, BDS/GDP

Dr. Rami is a passionate young dentist based in Baghdad, Iraq. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experience with the iLoveDentistry community to help all those passionate about dentistry. 

“Growing dental community with an admirable work experience.”

Charles Kee

Charles Kee is a fun-loving family man with a passion for Implant Dentistry and digital equipment.

He considers iLoveDentistry as a great place to share best practices and tips for making Dentistry safe and fun.”

Dr. Lee Weinstein

Dr. Lee is a pediatric dentist with over 30 years of private practice experience, 20 years in teaching, three years as dental director of an insurance company, and 3 running AZ Medicaid as a dental director. He is currently consulting, lecturing, and on the advisory board of IBCCES, a group that will help work with offices to become certified autism centers.

His goal as an iLoveDentistry Ambassador is to help create a strong sense of community and to ensure that we represent the community with care, compassion and quality.”

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