What are your Benefits

as an iLoveDentistry Member?

  1. opportunity to become a part of a community that lives and loves dentistry

  2. Have the privilege to ask questions and share inspiring success stories with the community

  3. Exclusive access to the iLoveDentistry Watercooler sessions and iLoveDentistry live sessions where they get the opportunity to learn from each other.

  4. Access to exclusive merchandise with the iLoveDentistry logo

  5. Ability to participate in value-packed contests and giveaways


and Get Champion Benefits!

The more active you are in the community as a Community Member, the closer you will get to becoming a Champion Community Member.

Champion Members are selected according to the value they add to the community and as a reward will receive the following benefits:

Champion Members get exclusive invitations to become a guest on iLoveDentistry Watercooler sessions (based on expertise & speaking experience).

Champion Members receive exclusive invitations to become a guest on iLD Live (based on expertise & speaking experience)

Champion Members have the privilege of sharing their wisdom and passion in platforms created specifically for them, ranging from text to videos, audio interviews, clinical cases and more.

Champion Members get to flaunt their Champion status with personalized iLoveDentistry Champion SWAG

Champion Members obtain exclusive invites to Champions-Only Events

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What are your commitments

as an iLoveDentistry Community Member?

Be Helpful And Respectful

Help and respect eachother inside the community

Engage In The Community

Answer Questions Relevant To Your Expertise

Promote The Community Outside The Facebook Group

To Your Dental Followers

Share Your
Success Stories

Within The Group to Inspire Members In The Community


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