I absolutely love my family, my life and dentistry, in that order. Did I say I love dentistry? Guilty as charged!

I am so thrilled to invite you to join me in a passion project that will truly make an impact on the dental profession.

It is called the I Love Dentistry Community.

Our goal is to build a tribe of dental professionals that share our passion for our amazing profession.

With your help, we will create a powerful movement of dental professionals committed to creating better lives for themselves, their teams and their patients.
I look forward to having you join this amazing community!


ILoveDentistry Community

iLoveDentistry is an exclusive community of exceptional dentists and dental authorities, all of whom are experts in their field and are committed to giving back and making a difference in dentistry.

The iLoveDentistry community is a place for like-minded dental professionals to gather and share unique knowledge and experiences for the advancement of dentistry. Our community is made up of an exclusive set of dentists just like you who love making the most of their lives and their profession - Dentistry.
Members of this exclusive community can only join by invitation from an influencer within the community. Members work together with like-minded dental professionals to make a difference in dentistry by giving back to the dental community through sharing best practices, concepts, knowledge and experiences. The community functions as a sounding board, resource pool, and support system for its carefully curated members.

Once you join the community as a dental member, you can start interacting with the dental members inside the community, raise questions and maintain the engagement while gaining the awesome benefits of being a community member.
You are also able to become a Champion Dentist within the community and become eligible for unique and exclusive benefits and deals.

As an iLoveDentistry member, you have exclusive access to the iLoveDentistry Watercooler sessions with Gary Takacs where you will get to engage in life-changing and industry-shaping live discussions.

Learn more about the iLoveDentistry Watercooler Here.
We are excited to have you join the iLoveDentistry community!

What are your commitments as an iLoveDentistry Community Member?

Be Helpful And Respectful

Help and respect eachother inside the community

Engage In The Community

Answer Questions Relevant To Your Expertise

Promote The Community Outside The Facebook Group

Share Your Success Stories

Within The Group to Inspire Members In The Community

What are your Benefits

as an iLoveDentistry Member?

become a champion dentist

and get champion benefits

The more active you are in the community as a Member Dentist, the closer you will get to becoming a Champion Dentist.

Champion Dentists are selected according to the value they add to the community and as a reward will receive the following benefits:
  • Champion Dentists get exclusive invitations to become a guest on iLoveDentistry Watercooler sessions and iLoveDentistry live sessions (based on expertise & speaking experience).
  • Champion Dentists have the privilege of sharing their wisdom and passion in platforms created specifically for them, ranging from text to videos, audio interviews, clinical cases and more.
  • Champion Dentists get to flaunt their Champion status with personalized iLoveDentistry Champion SWAG
  • Champion Dentists obtain exclusive invites to Champions-Only Events


If you wish to join the iLoveDentistry community as an Member Dentist please confirm by completing the Form below and then you will be taken into the iLoveDentistry Group where you will have to enter your influencer’s secret code and join the community.
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