Marketing Strategy Meeting

“Great” Marketing goes a step further; it allows you to do more of the dentistry you love with patients who know, like, and trust you for the care you provide!

LifeSmiles’ preferred Marketing partner, Ekwa Marketing, is one of the first Digital Marketing companies that introduced the “Done-For-You” Marketing concept to dentistry over a decade ago.

With a team of over 180+ members, Ekwa clients enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge, innovative digital marketing services with a stellar customer service experience.

They blend in foundational persuasion principles in their marketing, helping practices attract ideal, insurance-free patients who choose you & your practice for reasons other than being on their insurance plan.

Ekwa has helped 100s of dental practices across all stages, from early start-ups to practices that have been in business for years, achieving a thriving & profitable practice through a comprehensive Done-For-You Digital Marketing plan.

Schedule a FREE Marketing Strategy Meeting with Lila!

Develop your own Done-For-You Digital Marketing plan and learn how you can achieve a thriving & profitable practice!

Select a time slot to discuss with Lila, Ekwa’s Marketing Director on how a Done-For-You Digital Marketing plan can help you achieve a thriving & profitable practice!

Note: The doctor/owner must attend this 90-minute meeting. Ekwa believes that it is important for Lila and the doctor to co-develop a digital marketing strategy designed with your expectations & requirements in mind for long-term digital marketing success.

Our marketing team will spend 4 hours researching you and your competition online prior to this meeting to identify further opportunities on how Digital Marketing will help you grow your practice.